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DC Pixelperfect
What I do...


I love graphic design and being creative. Some of the services I offer:

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Logos & branding

I design unique and effective branding elements catered directly to your target audience.

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Graphics & Animations

I create digital graphics and animations for websites, presentations, videos and other media.

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I create static and interactive infographics for websites, presentations, and other media.


A small selection of past projects.

Branding solution for Allyn Realty
Company Branding
Logo & Identity
Image of graphics solutions for an online manual
Web Graphics
Digital Illustration
Infographic for web content
Digital Illustration
Infographic depicting the university ETH Zurich's history
Digital Illustration and Interactive Online
Image of an online cell interactive solution
Interactive web infographic
Image of a Christmas animation
CSS Animation

For examples of non-digital artwork, see my Raw art page.


I started in the field of architecture and construction, but upon discovering the magic of the web and digital art, I haven't looked back. I love learning and pushing my boundaries every day.

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